Verification Process

In order to perform a withdrawal of your winning you need to finish the verification procedure. 
We will require of you to provide a picture of your ID, and a picture of a proof of address document.

  • Document needs to be issued under the same name as your Futurobet profile. Document will be not accepted if it will be under your relatives, or any other person with whom you share your last name.
  • You should use official correspondence from bank, government or tax office.
    The easiest way we suggest is to use bank statement or bank transfer confirmation.
  • Document must be fully visible (not cut, cropped, folded or blurred) – if such document is provided our Compliance Team will contact you for a better quality picture.
  • Document needs to have an issue date and it cannot be older than three months.
  • We do not accept documents filled manually.

Please provide those documents to us, byt sending them as an attachment in an email to

Our Compliance Team will verify your documents within 24 hours, and will contact you if there will be any need for additional documents. 

Once the verification process is finished, your account will become Certified, and you will be able to create a payout of your funds.

Happy gaming!